Patio Dreams


So, here’s my patio plan as of now. I ordered this Threshold bistro set from Target (currently on sale!) and it is arriving TODAY! Yippee! I don’t know about light colored rugs in the back yard but I think this one is beautiful and it’s only $154 (5 x8). It is also from Target. I’m about to order 2 of the pillows because I love the stitching and they’re on sale $9.98 from $35! From Pier 1. Deal!

Of course, no patio would be complete without citronella, in a pretty filigree votive from Terrain (this is probably the cheapest thing on the site: $8) rosemary to help ward off the mosquitos, and lights strung up in the trees ($13 for 10 at Home Depot).

Woo, I’m excited! Of course, plants will be everywhere! I deposited this little mockup on the overgrown picture of the yard. Haha 😛


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