Running here and there and everywhere!

I was watching an Emily Henderson clip about scale. This person had a chesterfield and she put a massive cabinet behind it. I had thought of putting a piano behind my sofa. But I don’t know. That would add height and cozify the room. The wall behind there is pretty dang bare. I do plan to get a mirror for the mantle and transfer the art to the wall. Discussed with my mom the possibility of a console table back there. You know, a place to drop your keys and what not? All this requires $$ I don’t have at present (I’m vacationing soon).

I do know I need (ahem, WANT) a runner.

runnersThis Target one is my first choice but it’s $200 so no. I wanted something graphic to mirror my rug. I like the black diamond Safavieh best, plus it is the closest match to the Target option. For a grand total of $85! That’s more like it! I’m not too wild about middle option, not sure why it’s even up here….! I suppose because it has the correct shapes and the the black. It actually might be okay. $95.99.

On the other end of the expensive side, we have the Moroccan rug at $185.I love these and have always wanted one but as a runner, wouldn’t this get filthy right away? Such a light color? NIX.

Lastly, at $124 I do like this rug with the diamond within a diamond pattern but nothing beats the $85 price of choice #2.

I almost want to snatch it up right now but 1. overstock always has sales. Maybe it’ll go cheaper! 2. I just bought patio furniture (More on that later). So I’m all spent on house stuff this pay check.  I mean, I got quarter rounds, a new rug, patio furniture…….yea….enough!

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