Such a mystery

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I want to know everything about this house! But the internet holds mostly 0 answers. Thanks to google maps I did learn that there were these stupid path lights down the walkway. That explains why I was ripping up wiring. There’s currently wire dangling in the yard because I was afraid to cut it. I keep finding old lights EVERYWHERE in the yard. In the bushes and all along the back where they had the patio. They loved those things.

I wonder what happened that they lost their home to foreclosure? I wonder who they were? What were their jobs? Their hobbies? Did they have children? I’ve found 3-4 baseballs and a football in all the weeds and brush I’ve cleared away. In 2008 when this google map image was taken, it appears the home was well kept. In 2012 when the car came back through, it doesn’t look as happy. I know that 2013-2014 it sat empty, overgrown. My neighbor told me before that it was a Section 8 rental. So maybe that was in 2012. So sometime between 2008 and 2012 this family lost their home. So sad.

I wonder about the original family in 1935. What were their hobbies? This area used to be bumpin, with Eastlake park just a few blocks away with a giant lake and amusement park rides and a swimming pool. Trains every 45 minutes into the city. Concerts with big brass bands. Restaurants and shopping along the avenues. And a huge college which later moved and took with it the energy and commerce. And that was in the 50s. Isn’t it sad when neighborhoods die, racist white people flee, urbay decay creeps in, property values decline, crime rises, poverty rises….. but all that is changing for Eastlake, Birmingham, AL. So they tell me. Well, here I am to witness it all in this little house!

I really wanted to go behind the house but the google car must not have gone down the alley. Thanks a lot google car. I wish I could see how they used to have the back yard set up. GOSH WHY DON’T WE HAVE TIME TRAVEL!


2 thoughts on “Such a mystery

  1. So sad. I can’t imagine losing a home because you can’t pay the mortgage. I hope they didn’t end up homeless. AH!

    Sadly, a lot of homes in this area have been foreclosed on. Apparently there was this skeezy guy buying up houses and selling them to investors saying he’d fixed them up and made them suitable for renting. I don’t know what kind of person doesn’t come view their investment but these people took this guy’s word for it, forked over their money, and the whole time he didn’t make any improvements to the homes. When the renters moved in, they couldn’t live in the conditions, so they moved out. The investors weren’t being paid rent, couldn’t pay the mortgages on the houses, and ended up with tons of foreclosures in the area. It was a major scandal. Then with vacant homes, crime rose. With the crime and no one wanting to move to Eastlake, property values declined. Then no people definitely didn’t want to move there. It’s all been a big mess for these people in this area. The older homes are still cute as can be but people are too afraid to move. It’s changing now though. Now people are like $20,000 for a house in a transitional neighborhood? OKAY!! 🙂 This super hipster cafe just opened up paving the way. A new arts center is in the works. I just freaking love old houses and the history of the neighborhood. I really hope it continues to transition. I don’t want the nice families who live here and mind their own business to be forced out but I’d be fine with the sketchballs causing trouble to move on.

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