Weekend recap

I feel like I achieved nothing yet I am so tired from all that I did do.

My top priority this paycheck was getting those quarter rounds! When I got to Home Depot I was disappointed to discover the base moulding I picked out online wasn’t instore. And my goodness is it pricey! $35 for hardwood pieces and $20 for laminate. A piece! A PIECE. I mean, I guess you’d pay $35 a piece if you were a homeowner but I’m just renting this b. I don’t have that sort of money to throw at something I don’t own.

But I also couldn’t go the $4 white laminate quarter round route. I mean, that stuff is so tacky. I’m sure it looks fine in a modern house when you paint it and blend it in with your base boards but my house is from the 30s and I want to do it right as best I can. I still like the wooden look over the white look so I went with the $11 Oak Gunstock hardwood quarter rounds. Now, the only problem is I only purchased 5 pieces so far, didn’t get a miter box yet, AND turns out, the oak gunstock is a tad too dark. Or so I think. Don’t you want it to blend into the floor?

But what a difference!


Here is it without the quarter round. Scary, dirty, and gross.


Cue music from the heavens! Doesn’t it feel so warm and inviting and safe and cozy now! Instant makeover!IMG_7180Here’s where I think the color is too dark. Cross grain I think it could be okay, but running with the grain like here, I think too dark? Right? Thoughts?

So now I just have to figure out the right color and go to town getting the measurements and gluing them in. Yay!


Also, on Saturday I attacked this overgrown jungle of weeds in my backyard. The previous Saturday was move in day (hey, I’ve been here a week!) and mom and I poked around back there to discover a large fern and lots of old pathway lights. But since it’s so overgrown we couldn’t figure out why the pathway lights were there.


Well, what do know, there’s a little patio back there! I think it’s going to be super cute if I can ever dig it out all the way! Currently the patio itself is COVERED in ivy. I guess I’ll just spray Round Up all over it. I do think ivy is pretty but I’d like a clean surface to place furniture and an outdoor rug. Not to mention even footing. You know how sneaky vines can be. They like to grab hold and trip you up! Sneaky beasts.

Since it was so overgrown before, I didn’t know there was a little stone ledge back there either. With the trees (visible from the front yard) on top. The trees act as a nice privacy fence. Also found a rose bush, a flower pot with a lily (maybe + ANTS) and a large rock), plus a hosta and a canna, and lots of decorative monkey grass. Air potato plants were choking the trees and all the surrounding bushes and have wrapped themselves so tightly around the poor rose bush. That’s going to take some time to unravel.


The evil air potato or this other website says Bindweed. Whatever it is its a goner!Β  3 of these bushy ones are rooted in the ground…prepare to die! How do they get from the ground to the tree tops?

I don’t know if the little stand alone garage I have has a working outlet (hope so) but if it does, I’m going to string lights up in the trees. Won’t that be so nice!!


Here you can see what I cleared out. The fern and rose bush are somewhat free now. Lots of dead leaves to get out now. They’re EVERYWHERE.


Here’s the little cinder block patio someone built. You’d never have known it was there!

The wall! And look, a giant rock.pot

I’m really excited about the possibilities back here. πŸ™‚

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