Bathroom thoughts

I’ve never had to think about a bathroom before with an apartment. To be honest, I’ve never even bought a shower curtain. I know! For shame! There are so many options out there that I never bothered. I just get a $1 liner at the Dollar Tree and call it a day! Isn’t that terrible?

I’m not in love with this curtain by any means, but thought it might be nice with my current brain vision. The bathroom is currently all blah beige. It was once sky blue. The tile is blue and white. I’m not sure if it’s original to the house. Usually I thought older tile was smaller and more ornate that what is here? I’ll have to take a picture. The original medicine cabinet is in place along with a built in cabinet (for towels I would assume). These and the trim are painted white.

I don’t know the proper name for the trim that divides the room, I know chair rail isn’t correct, but the room is divided by wall, trim, and tile wall. So, I thought, paint everything above the tile/trim white. And everything below the trim (the tile) a bright emerald green! Does that make sense?

Someone has outfitted the space with one of those prefab sinks. I will paint that white too to match the medicine cabinet and put on new hardware. Here’s the thing…I don’t really want to tell my rental company about that part. I mean, I’m helping the space right?! Some poopoo brown thing in the middle of the room doesn’t go. A white thing in the middle of the room will blend better, yes? What’s the worst they can do? Keep my deposit.

There is no toilet paper holder on the wall. There are painted over brackets but the mechanism itself isn’t there. So those need to be removed. I got this cheapo stand up toilet holder at wal-mart. Should I bother getting the matching towel ring? Currently, there is a silver in place? There is no towel rod. That would be helpful to install. I’ve been draping mine over the door. That’s not exactly the aesthetic you want!


Stained Glass curtain / Towel Ring / Uggo Sink / Caricature Knobs / Another thought for shower curtain

Of course, I want plants EVERYWHERE.


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