Mantle and nightstand styling

I was hesitant to post my livingroom (plus this is a terrible photo) but then I watched this Emily Henderson video:

IMG_7133I’m always quite pleased with myself when I’ve done something that I thought looked good and later find out someone I admire practices the same thing!

Here we have the 3 pieces of art (I love things in 3’s), the personal items (Buddha head, alpaca, picture frame, walrus bookends) the books, and the softer feminine organic things, the plants. Woohoo! Go me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย I really don’t care for the books there but I wanted my walruses to be seen. I haven’t filled in my shelves yet. They’re an odd height. Hardly any of my books actually fit. I don’t know what to do! Should I go just leave them sparse with knicknacks? Fill them with succulents and drapey plants? I’m clueless right now.

I do want to paint the walls white of course. And I was thinking about what to do with that fireplace. White? Green? Orange?


I did want a mirror to go where all that artwork is on the mantle, and the art to go to the wall behind the sofa. I noticed an upright piano in an antique store nearby my new place. If the price is right…I could be jamming out to Heart and Soul on the regular! Plenty of space on the wall behind the sofa! ๐Ÿ™‚

I also would like to get a runner for that area. Quite fond of this one but for whatever reason, my brainparts seem to think runners should be like $20. Not $200. I didn’t even pay that much for my livingroom or bedroom rugs! And they came from places way better than Target!

But I like how graphic this is and the black will match the rug I already have. My only concern is that this is for a high traffic area and the cream color will get dirty. BUT I really am wanting a shoe-free house.

While we’re on the subject of Emily video’s here’s another one I seem to have done accurately all on my own. Decorating isn’t hard folks…

If you recall:


Here I have the height of the lamp, my nightstand (from Target, she’d be so proud) is definitely the height of my mattress (it may be a wee taller). I have a vintage 70s butterfly tray that holds an owl sculpture, a [faux] orchid, a candle, and my lotion. Viola! Plus, the nightstand has plenty of storage. I also displayed a painting I made behind there.


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