Kitchen paint

So, I did a little bit of research into the steel cabinets. Pretty big deal in the 1940s post World War II. Sold in white until the 50-60s when dual tone became popular. I think…I might could try it! I mean, I hate those formica counter tops but I have to deal with what’s there. Maybe the’ll look better with pretty yellow.



Youngstown kitchens from here.

If you recall, the dreaded black disaster. Which has been spray painted on the outside and only part of the way inside. Really great job there, whoever! Backs were left white.

kitchenI didn’t find any hardware similar to the images at I don’t know if those bottom cabinet pulls are original? I doubt the top cabinet pulls are?


Here’s an assortment of colors the St. Charles brand came in. The first of it’s kind in 1948. How interesting! I thought it was later than that. Also, how extremely helpful to know just what colors are appropriate to choose from to restore to semi-original look! 🙂

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