Quarter Rounds update

What do you know, upon closer inspection of the house I found some!

In the kitchen. The only room in the house with quarter rounds. Geez. And to add to my confusion, 1/2 of them are wooden colored and 1/2 of them are painted white! How ridiculous! Everything about this house is ridiculous.

I think the air conditioning has been sorted. We’ll see. A plumber comes today.

World Market is having 1/2 rug sale for outdoor rugs but I don’t think I should be concerned with the front porch just yet. This quarter round situation is my top concern. It really weirds me out that I can see into the walls…I don’t want any wood roaches crawling around. I’ve seen 3 now. And yesterday when I came home, 1 dead in the bathroom. So they’re out and about. And they frighten me!


I would wager these are original to the house? Maybe? They’re flat, not rounded like modern day ones. I hope Home Depot/Lowe’s sells such. A facebook friend said HD has a cutting station in the store. Those marvelous people!

***So apparently there’s something called Base Mouldings. Which I think is more of what I need.


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