Quarter Rounds

So, the few days I’ve had the house I’ve had the feeling something is missing. It doesn’t feel very comfortable (ya think, with all the filth and AC probs?).

I was over at friend’s house, chilling in the comforts of his AC, looking around the living room when it hit me: quarter rounds.

I gather sometimes people use quarter rounds to cover up flooring mistakes? This house needs them though. The floors are separating from the walls. There’s a gap and I don’t like seeing all the filth that’s down in there. Just seal it off!!! I watched a youtube video that showed you how you can use caulk to attach the qr. That would be a good solution for me since I’m renting. I wouldn’t be nailing/damaging the floors/baseboards.

I really think the home would look complete and cozier like that. So what do you get, white to match the baseboards or wooden to match the floor? I noticed in his historic home, the walls were a color, the trim was white, and the quarter rounds were wooden to match the floor?


Here’s floor matching QR. And here is white (this house is about as tacky and generic as they come!!):

white qbI have to say that I like the wooden color better. White looks prefab? Too cookie cutter? Now comes the problem of, how much cutting does this require? I don’t have a saw handy!!!

2 thoughts on “Quarter Rounds

  1. I prefer white because it seems to anchor the walls. The floor colored molding seems to float the walls. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

    • So many decisions! I see your point. I had floor colored quarter rounds at my previous apartment and I always thought it was a mistake. Like why didn’t they paint them? I definitely used to think white….

      Thanks for commenting! No one ever visits my little blog πŸ˜›

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