Digital archives

Whenever I move into a new place in Birmingham, I like to stalk the library’s digital archives and see if my apartment comes up. Last year I found it! But this new house is a no show 😦

I did find a similar house though. I wish these things were in color.


Pretty close, just flip flop everything and you’ve got my little house! I like how they’ve got chairs out there on that part of the porch. My porch has been screened in, which I do not like. Sure, it’s great for the bugs but it’s also ugly! As a renter, I wonder if I can take them down? I am responsible for replacing all screens…


My place has the little fireplace, the 2 windows, with the built-ins, and a little garage just like the above photo (just in a different location). I planted those shrubs in pots that belonged to my grandmother. I need to paint them white. I made a little bit of a mess in the yard there. Pretty soon I’ll be mowing down those weeds (some of them are dried up flowers of some sort). I’d love to plant some white hydrangeas but was told it’s not the right season. There’s a pink crape myrtle on the end which is wonderful because I was going to plant one. Now I don’t have to! Just need it to grow into a big tree!

Picture it. No screens, big pink tree crape myrtle on the side there, a white oak leaf hydrangea bushes, some flowers along the front, another white hydrangea, the potted plants, some more flowers, hanging pots on the porch (plenty of hooks in ceiling, a settee, a table, some chairs….it’ll be lovely!

Now, I thought this was craftsman-ish style…but maybe I’m wrong? With the built-ins and overhangs? Obviously not as grandiose as some craftsman style houses.

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