I moved into the house over the weekend. OH MY GOD, it was a disaster. So much so I don’t even want to relive it here because I’ve been talking about it all day to my coworkers. I’ll just list it:

Those are steel cabinets in the kitchen. And they’re filthy. Covered in grease. The hardwoods in the kitchen are always covered in grease, grime, and filth. Yuck. They used to be white (original) but have been spray painted black. The insides are only painted so far ….towards the back they are still white. Really lovely.

Cobwebs everywhere. Spiders everywhere.

All the floors are so dirty no amount of clorox + swiffer juice seems to be able cut it. Swabbed the decks until my back aches.

Toilet runs. Had to turn the water off.

The tub doesn’t drain when you take a shower.

AC doesn’t work. 2, yes 2! repairmen have been out and it hasn’t been resolved.

The dryer I got had a 3 prong plug but the house has a 4 prong outlet. I had to rewire the dryer myself (talk about feeling pretty dang proud of yourself).

There’s random keys, locks, broken glass, and other found objects in the yard. Very strange place. Old lights for a garden path. Old flower pots.

I just wish it had been cleaned prior to my moving in. Is that so much to ask. The property was purchased by my leasing company, from my understanding it was in foreclosure. That’s their MO. Purchased foreclosures, touch them up, rent them out. But I don’t understand why you wouldn’t clean them or check to make sure everything is in working order?? Very stressful.

I decorated as best I could with the belongings I do have.

I purchased a rug from World Market for my bedroom. I got the dresser (my big reno project) for $35 from an estate sale about 2 weekends ago. Apparently tiger oak is under all that stain. It’s in pretty bad shape but I’m hoping to restore it! Replace the knobs, hammer/nail the drawers back into place, seal it, etc. I have a HUGE basement now. And an outside garage. So, plenty of space to repair furniture.

IMG_7141 IMG_7139 IMG_7138

This lamp used to be in the livingroom but I brought it in here. I don’t love it but it’ll do. It was my grandmothers. Same target side table I had at apartment. I want to paint the headboard white. I think? I brought Phil in here because I want to be surrounded by plants in this house. He’s the tallest plant I have right now- to match the height of the lamp. This mcm yellow chair is my favorite chair and now it’s here…in my boudoir πŸ™‚

The walls are bare. I’ll work on that. I also dislike the paint color. It’s a little less horrible than the color of the apartment. Why do people pick this to paint walls? What’s wrong with good old trustworthy, classic white?! I guess white shows marks but …gosh it would go with everyone’s furniture! I definitely want white in the livingroom. And here. Right?

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