Kitchen conumdrum

The state of the rental kitchen is a disaster. I’d forgotten how yucky it really is. What can I do? My plan was to replace all the silver hardware with brass but now I see those are weird drawer pulls….can those be replaced????  Surely. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!  Isn’t this the worst layout, like…ever!  Perhaps if the cabinets/counters continued to wrap around the corner instead of leaving that empty space? Or if the refrigerator went there. Somebody didn’t spend nearly enough hours playing the Sims growing up…. (wasn’t that the best game? Anybody? The Sims? No?)

kitchenbrassblackpullThis is sort of what I had in mind and look! These pulls are like what is already there, only brass and smaller. I like that. I’ve never seen a pull like this screwed in so I guess those longer ones would leave screw holes in different places. So much work to be done in a place I don’t even own!

On the other side of the kitchen is the fridge, in a little eat in kitchen nook. Which is useless because the fridge is there! :\ Maybe if I paint the walls white it’ll help the black stand out out? Throw in the some plants…. MAYBE I could add a wall of shelves in that odd black space? And fill that with my spices, cookbooks, pretty glasses, and plants!? That might be quite nice!

How about these hardwoods in the kitchen. What do we make of that? Is that normal? I know that’s a design we see now but in an older home? Also, as much an eyesore as that ceiling fan is in there, I’m kind of liking it. Nothing worse in the hot Alabama summer than using the oven and burning up in your kitchen. Turn on the fan! Genius! 😛

I haven’t packed a dingdang thing and it’s Tuesday…moving in on Saturday! YAYAY!

2 thoughts on “Kitchen conumdrum

  1. Sims was the best! Haha!
    You should be able to replace the hardware, they talk about that sort of thing on home make over shows all the time as a budget way of changing it up.

    • I know! I just want to take my cursor and rearrange things real quick. If only life were that simple. I’m definitely going to give it a go… try to make this house more of a real home (because truth be told, i don’t know if i’ll ever be a home owner. maybe always a renter!)

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