Eero Saarineen Tulip Table

I’ve been somewhat researching the ES tulip table that I previously mentioned/pictured below. My initial inspiration came from here (poor quality, sorry!):

tulipI just love the wood with the fiberglass (or maybe this one is marble top (doubt it)).  The thing I’ve discovered about the cheaper reproductions is that the tabletops scratch fairly easily. I live rather roughly on my furniture so I don’t need any easily scratch-able surface!

I did come across this table, for $425, but it’s only 36 inches. I was thinking I’d want a 40 inch table? I’ll have to measure. Here’s a 42 inch for $535.


These (also here) mid century-esque chairs from overstock are super affordable (in comparison to other brands in the same style) at $180 a chair. I guess I do need 4 but I’m thinking 2 to start. tracy chair

And there you go! I’ve got the rug and a little dish cabinet. Gimme some plants and some art on the walls and bam! Dining room! 🙂

How great is this!


“Originally designed by Hans Wegner in 1950, it was used in the 1960 presidential debate between Kennedy and Nixon.” Nixon is my favorite president (don’t ask), so is this meant to be or what? These have to be my dining chairs.


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