Only 9 more days

and I’ll be moved into the house.


Can you tell I’m kind of obsessed with making these little rooms?  I got that rug the other day from Overstock. I’m so proud of myself for making a decision!  So, the oriental rug will move to the kitchen.  I’ve been lusting after Eero Saarinen tulip tables. I was thinking it’s time to veer away from the norm of square wooden dining tables (ahem, I don’t even HAVE a dining table. We’ve been using a large desk!) to a mid century round. I’ve seen some for $300 and I’ve seen them for $700+ so….  And I’m thinking I like that wooden style of chair. Not really a fan of the complete eames/eero look. That’s overkill.

Anyway, all I’ve accumulated so far for the move is the rug, a new dresser, and a lamp. I’m excited though! Weeeee.


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