Moving on…

Well, it’s that time of year again.

I’ve decided that I do not want to continue residing in our sardine can of an apartment. I’ve looked at 2 places so far and they were abysmal. I hate the rent game in this town 😦

I was just looking on a whim at Ikea desks. How apartment space saving is this little number? All my books and supplies could go on the shelves! …yes…..


I’ve never been to Ikea and I do no own any Ikea furniture. I don’t know if it would mesh well with my current aesthetic?

I haven’t done a thing to spruce up the current space. Truth be told I’ve had quite a rough past couple of months receiving some rather disappointing health news and have slumped into a bit of a depression. The apartment is a pig spy. No one has been over. I see no reason to clean. 😦  But now with a move coming up, I can get jazzed all over again about decorating! Yay!


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