Back in time

my brbr

So, the chenille bedding did come in yesterday! It is so lightweight. I threw it on the bed but it does need a quick wash and dry to fluff up the chenille bits.

Here is a perfect example of the horrendous color the walls are painted. I can’t even figure out what it is? Some sort of beige with a hint of vomit green. It is truly awful and makes all the furniture look drab. It’s like wearing the wrong foundation color. Everything else is off as a result.

Something like this?

yuckJust not a good color AT ALL.ย  In case you’re crazy and like this poop color it’s Benjamin Moore “mellowed ivory”.

I contacted the night stands craigslist seller and she responded they ARE available!! Only trouble is they’re an hour and a half drive away. My mother lives in the town and could go over to inspect them…

but $220 could buy a vintage dress or fun eats in NYC so I am torn :\

But I do want them so!

Let’s also acknowledge that I hate those fake flowers! I put them there because I wanted something tall on the night stand, also something colorful. Fresh flowers really are so much better. That is something I’d like to do for myself, also something to work on doing: getting weekly fresh flowers for the apartment.


2 thoughts on “Back in time

    • Thank you for the comment, Sharon! Yes, we keep meaning to paint…it should have been done first thing when we moved in! There are 6 months left on the lease and I’m thinking do i really care to take the time and invest in paint? i don’t know. i sure do hate the color though.

      the bedding is from! ๐Ÿ™‚

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