A good night’s sleep

A few days a week I look for matching nightstands but nothing comes close to the ones I found in the Craiglist entry a few weeks ago. Drat. I’ll keep searching. I don’t want any old boring thing.  Currently we have 1 Target Threshold yellow nightstand and …it doesn’t suit my vision. Maybe I should just contact this seller and see if they’re still available?

a bedroom

So, all of this would not fit our current bedroom space but let’s just assume we’re moving out in July into a little bit bigger space. Can I just rant and rave for a moment about how much I hate our apartment? I try so hard to love it but it is just SO SMALL and anything that could go wrong in it does! First it was filthy and we had to push back move in. Second, we have a terrible leak in one of the kitchen windows. Ran drips in by the bucket loads and no one at the management office fixes it! Third, our refrigerator quit running for weeks. Finally they gave us a new one. Fourth, our toilet and tub were backed up with sewage about 2 weekends ago. Luckily they did send someone right out to fix that. Fifth, our kitchen sink has eaten more gallons of Drano than I care to admit and hopefully someone comes to fix it soon too! AHHHHH! It is a MESS. 😦

Anyhow, we do have some of these pieces. Isn’t that rug beautiful! I just googled Moroccan rug. I love all the colors.  I guess the chenille bedding doesn’t exactly go with the rug??? but who cares. That should be in the mail sometime this week or next. Some exciting colorful pillows could tie it all in very nicely.

We already own the yellow chair. When we follow the livingroom scheme (previous entry) it will happily find a new home in the bedroom. I love that chair. LOVE IT.

I still want an armoire. I’ve always wanted one and we certainly would benefit from the extra storage space. I didn’t bother finding a vanity but one of those would be in the room too. Ideally. I do have my grandmother’s (the last piece of the 3 piece suite I had for years) but I’m okay letting it go too for one that has more drawer space and a little more heft to it. I have a lot of my grandmothers jewelry and several clothing pieces. I think I can let go of the furniture that doesn’t suit me anyone.

Bed/ Bedding


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