Together again

Okay, for a minute there I had forgotten my original idea of what sort of space I want.

I guess your home will evolve with you and my taste changes like the tide. Er, whatever the saying is.

I was feeling a bit confused because of the large, busy oriental rug but now I see it!!

We need white walls, not blue!Β  Since I can’t change my pink chesterfield in for a blue one (dang it, I really wish I’d gone with a blue one.), we can get more seating in with a blue velvet settee!

Also, we need more textural elements like wood, jute, and brass/metallic. We do have lots of wooden side tables but they’re very dainty and make the room more feminine than it needs to be.



Bassett chesterfield


Oriental rug


Cataman chair and ottoman


Velvet settee


Low bookcase for media stand


Fiddle leaf fig tree


Target Threshold mirror


Chairish mid century high backs


Hammered brass lamp


I forgot what this is called, but it is from Wayfair. Similar here.


Reclaimed wood side table

Orange and Black Wall.

Franz Kline

Okay, you get the gist. Those mid century high backs are way cooler than ours. That is pretty much our sofa (sans those pillows), our brass coffee table, and the Target mirror. Just need to keep collecting pieces and styling! But glad I get it again.

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