The Craigslist Game

I always enjoy when some of my fave interior designers/home stylists do craigslist find entries. Thought I’d give it ago myself, for our local area, Birmingham, AL.


Aren’t these great! I even like that poop yellow color! They’re $50 a pop for 4 chairs. If I were to purchase, I’d just get 2. That’s all we can really fit in our kitchen space!

vintfrid If I had a house, I would consider grabbing this! 1951 General Electric refrigerator.

There are a few companies out there reproducing vintage fridges but they will cost you a pretty penny (like thousands). I don’t know if $450 is a good deal for this working fridge, but it sure beats a $3000 price tag and is the real deal!


Mmm, I do want this! $225. I can’t tell if it’s green or yellow. Comes pre-aged! Take that Anthropologie. I even like the knobs.


Pretty cute! Might have to show the old boyfriendster these. Def want to get matching night stands for the bedroom redo. These are $220.


This craigslister did not take very nice photos. BUT this working record player/stereo console is only $45! The top is has water damage so one would definitely want to do some refinishing. We spend NYE at a friend’s and she had one very similar to this which she said she found on CL for $50. Here is proof it is possible! She just used hers to set her tv and whatnot on. A good look indeed.


Oh dang, now these are neat! Mid century armoire/drawers and night stand.$235. I’d gladly pay that for these awesome pieces!!

I guess that’ll do for now. I didn’t see any good sofas really. There’s a lot of people in this town with BAD taste. :\


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