Coffee table beginnings

It’s here! I thought I’d never choose a table!

I have lost sight of the electric room I had in mind. Now I just have a super old lady space! I think the rug is partially to blame but we’re certainly not getting rid of it. I’m hoping that painting will help (BLUE!) and I of course need to get the 2 new yellow chairs reupholstered. Initially I was thinking blue, then I thought orange, then I thought green stripes, now I’m just clueless.

I think some funky pillows could add randomness and color. I don’t know! I’m just glad I got the table and the iron bed. Those were my primary goals. As soon as the Christmas tree comes down, I’m painting this B! Not rolling into 30 with doody green walls.



When the tree does come down, we’re going to have so much space! AH! We seriously need a desk, to hide oodles of cables and cords, and so I can actually do some graphic design work at home. Not having a creative space has turned me into a mindless-tv-watching-at night zombie. I don’t want to waste my evenings on Hulu.

Anyhow, the table is from domino and is A LOT smaller than what we had before. I’m hoping this means less clutter and trash in the living room. The old table was a dumping ground for everything. Not anymore! I’m not sure how to style it out my current belongings. Here is an art book, a magazine, a candle, and an animal figurine. Zzzzz.

I also want to get rid of Monster Phil (look at that thing!) and get a fiddle fig! Last spring I missed my chance. Not happening this time!


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