Small things

So, the coffee table is ordered. Yay!  in my haste to order it (both boyfriend and I agreed on something! So i acted fast), I failed to look at the other measurements besides the height (19in). It’s only like 2 feet wide. Gonna be small. But our apartment is small so I think it will work.

We got rid of our tired old yellow couch this weekend. Such a relief to free up some space. I will miss it, lots of memories from post-college (2007) up until now.  We considered saving it, storing it in bf’s mother’s basement but at the end of the day Friday the last thing I wanted to do was load and unload a massive couch.

So we began walking it out to the curb to let the trash/scavengers have it. This fella offered to help us move it then asked if he could have it since we were throwing it away. YES! Take it! Give it a good home. It’s still in excellent shape comfort wise. Just appearance wise….not so much.

We put up our Christmas tree and I made a wreath from the trimmings. Just trying to make the space nice for our holiday party.

photo 2

photo 3

I took our floral painting (ahem, poster…) to Hobby Lobby and am getting it framed. A $200 frame for a $20 poster seems a bit ridiculous but whatever…… :\ It will be nice to have it up on the wall all pretty like.

photo 1

photo 4

There’s my target mirror from a previous post. I also framed some watercolor paintings I made earlier in the fall. I put them in the place were the floral poster will go, just so something could be there for the party. I think they’ll eventually go where the wreath is. Yerrr

I have plans to order the iron bed I really like, though debating whether or not we need the complete bed (head/footboard) or just footboard. Chloe, my chihuahua, loves to sleep in the bed with us and jumps up the end via a small trunk. My current footboard is level with the bed so doesn’t obstruct her jump but this new footboard would be a few feet high. She certainly couldn’t clear that. Boyfriend would love if she couldn’t sleep in our bed but I’m so used to it…and so is she. AH…decisions.

Unfortunately, with the yellow couch in the way all last week, and now with the tree up, we won’t be able to paint before the party on Saturday. I am so tired of these gross, ugly, cracked walls…and really think the blue will help pull everything together. SOMEDAY!


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