So, we’re throwing a little Christmas party and we’re going to try to get our butts in gear and paint the living room  BLUUUUUE. I cannot wait. I’m trying to decide if I want to commit to an all blue space or just a focal wall. The room doesn’t get the brightest sunlight in the day so I don’t want it to be too dark in there.

I think the Christmas tree will look so lovely against a blue wall. Yes yes.

I was in Target yesterday and picked up this mirror. It was so cheap ($40). It’s a decent size too (although I wouldn’t put it above a mantel. Not that big). Funny enough, I got the garland in this picture too! Ha.


I’m so excited to decorate for Christmas and for the party. I’m going to have to use the cover of darkness to go about town and steal some magnolia leaves off folks trees. I need 200 leaves to make an 8 foot garland to drape across the living room windows. So pretty

full garden mantel

There are quite a few holly trees along side our apartment. I may nab a few branches of that too to add some more life to the garland. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited I could scream. 😛

As of now we still have new sofa and poopy old couch full of love and memories. But I want it to gooooooo. It’s so dirty and cluttering up our space. 😦 So that is the objective of the next 2 weeks before our little holiday soiree: remove sofa, paint walls. Woo!


(bored at work roses)


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