New chairs!


So, I lucked out and got both chairs for only $80 from the Craigslist seller. Such a great deal! The chairs are in really good condition, only the welting cord is dirty (supposed to be ivory). The seller was such a sweet man who was helping his father clean out his basement. They hadn’t been used for years. The seller also had a sofa and told us the furniture belonged to the father’s mother. Not sure about that timeline but seller told us a neat story about how the chairs and sofa were the grandmother’s special furniture and they only got to sit on it for special occasions like present openings at Christmas. It creates a sweet image in mind my mind of a family creating cherished moments. Maybe one day we’ll have a little family and they too can enjoy these chairs.

This yellow green color must have been a hot color in the 60s. Upon googling “mid-century yellow chairs” I discovered a slew of yellow furniture. These high back chairs in particular. I think it’s funny I already own a mud century yellow velvet chair. Now it has siblings!

Other than cleaning them myself for the time being, I have no real plans for them. I wonder if I should look into having them reupholstered? I keep thinking about orange chairs!!

We have to get the old sofa old of here soon. Happy we got new pieces to add to our working eclectic space.

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