Let’s talk about the boudoir


All images can be found on my pinterest. I am so lazy!

Before I ever started this blog, long before I purchased the new sofa, and way back when when decorating was only a tiny thought occupying my brain, I wanted an iron bed. Not any old iron bed, but a vintage one made of rusty iron with the downiest white comforter and cushy smushy pillows. This hillsboro bed is what I had my sights on (as seen in 3 inspiration picture).

Now that I’ve been thinking more about a space that 2 people share and less about my oh so girly needs and style, I’ve decided that perhaps I like a simpler iron bed as seen in all the straighter styles shown. I still picture it being rusty/bronzey with white bedding and pop of some sort of color here and there (red? orange?) but yeah. Less is more!

Other things that complete my dream room:


A lovely navy dresser (which would carry the color from the living room!) or an armoire (which would be even better because I have so many dresses to hang. Boyfriend could take the TINY closet.photo 1



Myvanity. Here is our current dreary room. I did spend a pretty penny on the Anthropo blanket thinking it was a bedspread but it isn’t really. Need new shams and a bedspread FOR SURE! I’d like to have the little stool (peeking out on the right) recovered in velvet (some funky color).

I’ve begun scraping the paint off these poor cracked walls. Shame no one takes care of this lovely old building!

And lastly, a Moroccan style rug. This one from World Market would do just fine. It’s not as cool as an authentic one but for $300 instead of $9,000? Yeah. You betcha.


Whatever this color is behind this rug is sort of the color I imagine for the walls, but a touch lighter. I really want it to be bare but be comfortable and hip. You know? I mean duh, I saved these images to pinterest for a reason. I just love the clutter free look of an iron bed, white bedding, and wooden supporting characters. Let’s make it happen!



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