I’m blue da buh de doo dah

So, with most of the furniture laid out, and only a few more pieces to buy, the living room is almost finished! I’ve been collecting images of navy blue rooms. I believe we previously picked Neptune Blue by Behr but now I’m thinking even darker. Why not go all the way!






Links on my pinterest.

My mother warned me darker colors make a room look smaller but I think these rooms look just fine! And we have lots of color going on in our furniture. I really think the darker background will make them pop even more.

We hung up what art we currently have framed/mapped out where to hang what isn’t.



The floral print was a cheap $20 at All Posters. I think it’s great though! My friend painted the lady during undergrad some many years ago (she’s been chipped for ages. Maybe now I’ll get around to reframing her!) The rest of the artwork belongs to boyfriend and I think a mirror will go where the kraft paper is.

I am slightly obsessed with finding an antique mirror but they’re generally so expensive or I don’t find the right look I’m looking for. Wayfair.com saves the day! These Howard Elliott mirrors are pretty ornate.

mirror mirror2

We need another light source and I’d like to have some sort of bar cart area in one naked corner of the room.


This cart is doubling as a bar and an entry way table:


If I paint the living room navy I’m not sure what color I’d paint the entry? What about a goldy yellow? Or a slick green? Who knows.



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