Moved in!

We’re all set up to run life business in our dwelling. I am desperate to paint! Did not win the battle of “this place is disgusting, you’d better clean it up.” Pfft, property management DOES NOT CARE.

Have you seen Behr Neptune Blue? Well, that’s what we’re thinking for the living room.

I’d like to get the new coffee table of course, and we have the stump now!! It just needs to be bug bombed. Can work on that this weekend.


Follows my original plan pretty well I’d say!


I wasn’t lucky enough to find a fiddle leaf fig. Gosh darnit, I want one so badly. We got this split-philodendron instead. It’s quite a beast and will only continue to grow down and out. I think we’ll end up transplanting outside under the cover of darkness (who would object to an awesome plant beautifying their landscape though?) or give it away. $12 at Home Depot.



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