List making

They tell us the apartment will be ready by Friday.


A list of things I’d like to have for the space:


  • get old sofa cleaned and slipcovered
  • get rug cleaned
  • buy plants: 1.) rubbertree plant 2.) fiddle leaf fig 3.) philodendron
  • lamp
  • coffee table
  • large mirrors
  • new desk
  • entry hall table
  • get artwork framed
  • get an ottoman


  • 2 more place settings to match elephant dishes. Get matching floral bowls
  • placemats
  • white linen table cloth
  • baby gate for dog


  • iron bed
  • new white bedding. Comforter and shams
  • sand and stain vanity. Have seat reupholstered
  • lamp for bedroom. standing and tabletop
  • dresser
  • armoire
  • Moroccan rug

Certainly is a lot to acquire…



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