Packing up, moving on

A year ago (and a handful of weeks), we were packing up to move from ATL, GA to BHAM, AL. Honestly, I do not know how we packed up a 3 story condo because I am struggling to pack a 2 bedroom apartment! So much clutter and useless junk! Papers, old junky clothes, and stashed away objects that were never unpacked in the first place! To them I say: be gone.

This new apartment is very special to me and I hope to goodness I enjoy living there. Our current living situation has been made unbearable by the next door neighbors leaving their belongs in the hallway we share in this 4 unit building (2 units top, 2 units bottom). It is unbearable to come home day after day after day to heaps of junk sitting there. Most weeks garbage is left that they are too lazy to walk to the curb. After contacting our property managers and getting no response, we took it upon ourselves to leave them a note volunteering to take their rubbish to the street. They responded with “don’t touch our stuff” and now walk past making zero eye contact or smiles. Makes me chuckle. They’re horrible people and part of me wants horrible evil heinous things to happen to me. :[ They have made me angry and hateful…things I was supposed to be giving up as I grow and mature (like on my about page). I hope to get back to that and appreciate people as best I can. But come on, keep your trash in your own apartment/house/dwelling!

The building next door is no better. The upper level tenants throw trash, cigarettes, and liquids off their level’s platform (not quite a balcony?). It is DISGUSTING. You’d think we live in the wrong part of town. Apparently just on the wrong street. No body cares to clean up. The property managers don’t care. The tenants don’t care. Am I the only loather of trash!?

So, I am hoping for a peaceful existence in the new place. Roll on into 30 in a home I enjoy. Woo!

Now to find a space for all our treasures. We sign the lease tomorrow. EEE!




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