The elephants go marching in

When work is slow, you can find me at or other such websites. I’ve been eyeballing some dishes but could never quite settle for a boring old white. Racking my brain for other sites, I remembered World Market! They’re always emailing me coupons but my email is full of a constant barrage of store/beauty website deals and updates. So, I tend to ignore.

Luckily, 2 days ago they sent a 15% off coupon! We got these two salad/dinner plates. I think it is divine!  I doubt I’ll ever be concerned about chargers. Is that a necessary tabletop detail?

Mix and Match at

Mix and Match at

I am learning. I tried it out with my new tablecloth and green napkins and love it! To the table!

(I will post pictures of the set up table upon move in. 4 days to go!)


2 thoughts on “The elephants go marching in

    • Thank you! I’m curious to see it too… I have way too many green things to put on the table but maybe it’ll work! I’ve never been one to “set the table” but I want to give it a go and make it pretty year round 🙂 And eat at it! NO more sofa/tv eating. haha.

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