Newly acquired

It dawned on me that I do not have to worry about a dining room table just yet. I was using Boyfriend’s old desk, his grandfather’s actually, as my desk in the sunroom but the only purpose it really served was as a surface for CLUTTER.

So, now that the new apartment’s walkin closet shall be my office space, that big desk won’t fit. I thought…why not use it as the dining table until we can afford a real table. I then began my quest for a white table cloth.

I swear, they are impossible to find! I looked in antique stores, tj maxx, burlington coat factory, walmart and tuesday morning. All were in vicinity of one another so I’ll have to venture to another part of town to hit up more shops. I did find a $4.98 green table cloth!

Then in an antique store I found these green napkins. Boyfriend detested them “they’re frayed!” but I told him my grandmother used to have green ones “just like this!” So home with me they came.

I’ve been searching ebay and etsy for vintage table linens. My decorating bible (The Perfectly Imperfect Home) has made me want to care about dressing the table. We’ll see how it all unfolds in the new space!



Not only did we get those green things, but I plan to use green chairs until we get actual dining chairs. We got a green dish for the entry hall, and a green picture frame for my painting. Um, …why all this green! AH!


How about one of these to add to the eclecticism of the room? Just kidding!

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