French doors

I LOVE french doors and I hope to have them (or maybe pocket doors) in my for real home. But that is eons away….so I started thinking about the new layout and that closet being my office area…

glass door

Wouldn’t it look so much better with a glass paned door!? Natural light would come in and I just think it would be a great project. So what if we’re just renting.

“Make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible and then get on with living.” – Albert Hadley

That is the goal! Today we did a bit of antiquing and plan to do more tomorrow. There is definitely a lack of storage/closets in the new apartment. Since I’ll be taking over the major closet, we decided to buy an armoire for our clothing to put in the bedroom. I haven’t even begun to explore the bedroom on the blog but boy oh boy do I have ideas! I pretty much know exactly what I want but I’m still tackling the livingroom.

We found a shop brewing with armoires! I have loved those things ever since I was a little girl. My paternal grandmother had a few and my mom was lucky enough to snag a beautiful one when my grandparents downsized to a smaller house. I believe the others were lost in a fire at the storage unit some years ago. Tragic!


The dream! I love this one!! Love love. Mom’s has mirrors just like this but isn’t as bulky. I just want to crawl right through on my way to Narnia 😛 For something this large, the $695 price tag is pretty good I’d say!

photo 1

However, something like this is probably a better option for our apartment. It even has the original hooks and whatnots inside. Very cool. Attach a little tassel and call it a day! And only around $300. Very doable!!


Here is a great article on armoires and various uses for them (like in the bedroom, the kitchen, the livingroom, etc). My mother keeps hers in the livingroom and it is filled with candlestick holders, platters, and other kitchen/decorating treasures.


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