We found one!

Oh my Lord, the places I have seen. Last week I saw some really run down places. Think 70s roach motels. One window in the living room followed by disgusting carpet and very little space. And not for cheap. In my mind, when you are paying $700, you shouldn’t be shown THAT. Birmingham, AL isn’t NYC so I think you should get what you pay for!!


Anyway, today we saw 2 more places like this and told our apartment guide that we wanted the one with the porch (my first picture entry). She called her boss and it was taken! OF COURSE it was. We have no luck. She drove us a few streets over and showed us this and we unanimously said “we’ll take it!”


It’s only $35 over budget. We’ll be downsizing a good bit but I think we can make it really cute!

There’s an entry hall which I’ve never had before. I’m already planning an entry hall table and mirror. YES! A fairly large livingroom with a big walk in closet which will be fine for a small desk and all my crafting supplies. Yay! The bathroom isn’t glorious but there’s a HUGE mirror which will be SO NICE because currently standing at our mirror I can only see the top of my head. Why it’s hung so high I do not know. The kitchen has 2 large windows and an area for a kitchen table. Yay! The bedroom is of adequate size. Not a very large closet but I do plan to buy a dresser. I’ve been eyeing one at Anthropologie but maybe I can find one that isn’t a grand.

We drove by an antique store that I didn’t even know existed. “Mid-century furniture” it exclaimed. Must check that out!

I am so relieved to have found a place. It is a bit smaller and doesn’t have laundry in the unit, but does have a laundry room in the basement. I refuse to go to the laundromat. After all the horrible places and that huge upset with that spectacular place being ripped out from under us, I am relieved to find a historical apartment with hardwoods and character. woohoo!

If all goes well, next weekend is move in day!

Some quick cellphone snaps:



photo 1

welcome home Livingroom (someone is still moving out) Front door (oh may, I didn’t know that slat was broken. Gross. Hope they fix that! Solid door behind this.)

photo 2

Space for desk (there’s a lightbulb inside. I believe there was shelving behind that awkward board.)

photo 1photo 2photo 4

The kitchen was actually bright in person. Hope they clean that floor! The “lobby” or entry hall is really cute I think. I liked the floor. I just love old hardwoods! And I love that all we have to do is walk through the courtyard, through this entry way, and down a hall to our new place when we move in. I hate lugging stuff up steps! I’ve never lived in a downstairs unit, hopefully the upstairs tenants aren’t stomping jerks. 🙂



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