The dreaded search has begun

Omg. Thank goodness I don’t live in a huge city, I wouldn’t have a clue how to go about finding an apartment.

Here it’s “Oh, you don’t want to spend a $1,000 on rent? Then you must live in a doody hole.”

There are so many beautiful old apartment buildings here but the majority of them are in disrepair and landlords refuse to address any of the problems. It’s hard to commit to living in a place with peeling paint, broken windows and dead roaches. Sorry my wanting to spend less on rent, and save more for a house doesn’t work for you! Bah.

Out of 3 places, we did find one contender which I can picture being super cute but it has no washer and dryer, not even a laundry room on site. ARE you kidding me? No. It also doesn’t have a dishwasher which is VITAL to our happiness because we are horrible horrible horrible at doing dishes. Cannot/willnot wash by hand. Luckily, the solution to that is a portable dishwasher.

Have you seen these things? You can get them to sit on your countertop or wheely ones. They hook up to your faucet and and outlet, and blamo, your non-dishwasher apartment now does dishes!

Anywho, pics to remember it by…


Super cute courtyard. Love all the plants!


Each unit comes with its own porch area. I would LOVE a porch area. A space to sit outside on balmy summer nights. Oh the dream. Think of lovely outdoors furniture with flower boxes everywhere. Yesss.  This door was hanging on by a nail. I kid you not.


This room would have gorgeous tree diffused light by day. My concern though is A. look at all that glass! B. someone could easily break in. Guess you keep the blinds closed. C. Where are the blinds for the door??

ugly heater

Then there is this eye sore. Gah. And window units for AC. YUCK.


There is a very large closet under the stairwell (to the upstairs apts) that already has some shelving. We were thinking it would be a great space for a desk and my art supply clutter!!


Dining room is small but could fit a small table (the one we have picked out is a square) and I would still of course want my blue buffet drawer thing!

k1 k2

So I love the built-in in the kitchen. Good excuse to buy pretty dishes! The appliances are new. The layout is horrible. Ha.


The bath is adequate. Nothing spectacular.


Lastly, the bedroom. The apartment has a flowing floorplan which we liked. Our current space is a lot bigger but is like a row house – long and skinny-goes straight back. This bedroom is bigger than our current room which is nice. However, it is right there, right out front, for all the courtyard to see! I’m thinking light and noise. And that nasty window unit!

We came home reluctant to leave our current space. It is beautiful compared to the crap we saw today but then again we’re paying a higher price! Due to location, our neighbors, rising rent, and the need to save…it’s just not worth it.

I have another apartment lined up to view today. It is $125 more than I want to pay but it does include 2 rooms and a washer and dryer. Our apartment guide told us yesterday that w/d = $100 more of rent. It’s just a necessity you have to pay for. You get what you pay for!



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