More surfaces


This is not a desk you want to push against the wall. It’s both delightful form and useful function! Drawers in the back, shelves in the front.  This rustic wood would be a dream to own but at $2,000….I don’t think the decorating budget can cut that. Not with the sofa.

Onwards to cheaper, yet still beautiful, desks.  This past year (March 2013 – present) I have failed myself. Done myself a great disservice. As a graphic designer who wants to be an illustrator, I have done 0 personal work.

I blame that on the fact that my current desk space is a pile of clutter. There is no real work space and no comfortable chair to sit on.

In this new space, I am hoping to create a clean space where ideas will flow. So important to my happiness!


Yesterday, after writing this I felt pumped to “purge” my space. You can see (I shouldn’t even post this nastiness on the internet) how awful the office space really is (it was worse than this before I snapped the photo):


I have more art supplies than I know what to do with. My jute bags are overflowing with craft supplies. The desk is always covered up in “I don’t know where this goes. I’ll set it here for now” junk.

I recently read tips on how to stay clutter free. Instead of putting something on a clean surface to deal with later (i.e., never) make yourself assess the clutter and find a proper home for it. Our problem is we lack storage in these older historic apartments. Many more containers are needed!

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