Yesterday we spent some time checking out apartments I’d found online. It’s one thing to think something looks great online, and another to see it in person. Out of 13 possible places, 2 I didn’t have addresses for, and only 2 were deemed suitable for further inspection. :\

Until I get to tour those places and then some, here’s some wallpaper.

A few years ago, my design tastes were pretty much the same. I love pattern and antiques. At that point in time, all I could think about was a velvet tufted headboard and a wallpapered focal wall for my bedroom. I’m not so keen on the tufted anymore, but I do still enjoy wallpaper.

The problem I find is that I feel a lot of wallpaper, no matter how beautiful, just looks too busy! I don’t think I could commit to something geometric or crazy for a long period of time.

On the Anthropologie wallpaper page, they suggest framing a piece of wallpaper. That way you get some fun but it isn’t overbearing.

While looking online for inspiration, I discovered embossed wallpaper! I had no idea. I would definitely be game to try it. You could fake architectural details with this stuff. You can also paint it!


(1, 2)

I also enjoy florals.


Is this not beautiful! AH! Though, with my current design plan, I don’t know where it would go. There’s a beautiful bathroom here. (1)




And, of course ANIMALS!


Now, this I could def see myself incorporating someway. Or there’s always birds.


(1, 2)

I know some places allow you to paint, so maybe you could wallpaper too. As long as you took it down. I hope we find a space I can live in for YEARS…because moving sucks and decorating is expensive! Just oh so ready to jump start this “home” making.


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