April showers bring May apartment searching

It has rained out the wazoo here in AL. Tornadoes and such.  I hope all that is past, because I am ready for continuous sunshine, my sofa to arrive, and the hunt for our next space!

Apartment searching in this neck of the woods isn’t easy. It’s hard to find everything on your list when you want to stay in a historic neighborhood (apartments from the 20s-30s).   It is especially hard when you want comfortable, attractive digs but don’t want to throw your money away on a pricey apartment. Remember, I want a house!

There is also a lovely up and coming neighborhood called Norwood on the other side of downtown. I wouldn’t dare live in an apartment there though. It’s still more…uh…and the bottom of the up than it is the coming. It fell to decline some many years ago. But my oh my are the houses grand. That’s my dream, to renovate a home from the 20s (30s would work too). Visit the neighborhood here.

There are several neighborhoods I plan to tackle: Forest Park, Highland Park, and Glen Iris. Don’t those sound like nice neighborhoods? Makes me think about Chicago or NYC… I don’t really know neighborhoods of other famous cities.


This apartment is named Flanigan Flats and I am in love with its architecture both inside and out. And it’s in my price range. The down side: no dogs. Only cats. Can my chihuahua pass as a cat?

Tomorrow is May first and my lease is up July 1.  I am ready to start the hunt!

The necessities are:

  • dogs allowed
  • hardwood floors
  • dishwasher
  • washer and dryer or connections IN the unit
  • ample storage space (this is ridiculously hard to find in older apartments)
  • off-street parking
  • balcony (for a bit of personal outdoor space)
  • no children around (i hate the look of plastic toys cluttered outside someone’s door)
  • dining room
  • 2 bedrooms or 1 bedroom with enough space for an office area

Currently we live in an apartment that meets all this criteria except for outdoor space but we settled because it has a great sunroom (which is the “office”). Our second bedroom is wasted and filled with laundry room crap. So a second bedroom isn’t really necessary. That will help keep the price down.

I’ll be sure to snap pictures of each space so I can analyze and agonize over all of them here!





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