Here are images I’ve saved on Houzz. I really enjoy Houzz for gathering inspirational images and searching for products. They also have really good articles on decorating, furniture, well-groomed lawns, remodeling, etc. Check it out!

You will see a lot of red, pink and gold in these. I’ve saved these images for a number of reasons: palette, furniture, a coffee table, pictures on the wall (gallery style)…things like that!


(1) I just adore this space. And look there’s a chesterfield! Love the colors (ahem, red and gold!)


(2) There is something about a pink wall. I think the right pink could even live in a house where a non-pink loving man dwells. Again, the red and gold.


(3) Another chesterfield. I also like the giant deer hanging out by the fireplace. The Perfectly Imperfect House (Deborah Needleman) states something like no home is complete without an animal or two placed about the space. I love animals and am always looking to add new figurines to my growing collection. Don’t have anything this big…yet.


(4) Red and gold. The height of the ceiling in this room is fantastic. Love natural light.


(5) Isn’t that a neat side table? Also love the dresser and the hydrangeas. If I had a yard, I’d plant all sorts of flowers. I bet it feels great to grow them yourself and have freshly cut flowers for your table tops! Weeee. 🙂





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