Quick idear sketch

Okay, I can’t draw proportionately or in perspective…


This is one idea of arranging the furniture (All of this currently owned or on its way minus a nice coffee table, a large antique mirror for the wall, fiddle fig and rubber tree (or some other house plant) plants and lots of art).

I was reading about focal points the other day and sadly it listed the tv. No. Never. I only have a 12-14 inch tv with BUILT-IN vcr. They don’t make them like that anymore! and it is definitely not the focal point of the room. I do believe the sofa and a wall of art would be a lovely focal point. I suppose it all depends on the shape of the room, too?

Currently, in this apt I am sitting in, this configuration would not be possible as french doors are on one end and a giant room opening (what do you call that?) is on the other. Seen here.

I also read that it is nice to get furniture off the walls. I agree but most of the time I’ve dwelled in small places and usually have to anchor most things to the wall. But the great things about chairs is they can go anywhere!




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