Tree today, stump table tomorrow.

You know, coming up with these cheeseball subject lines isn’t all that easy…

I first saw a stump side table at Restoration Hardware for $800+ and I immediately thought “hey, my dad could make that for free!”


There’s my little stump hanging out over there on the left. I was supposed to retrieve it this past weekend but it didn’t work out.  A lot of diy stump side table tutorials are out there but today I found one I think I will follow. I like the bark left on much more than I do with it off.


Non-legged stumps are both Restoration Hardware (and currently on sale if you’re too lazy to make your own). All have the bark. It just looks more …hearty?…and beautiful left on.

So, plan to stick that in the newly evolving living room though I would choose more substantial legs.


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