Sofa city, sweetheart.

I love furniture, especially sofas and chairs. For the longest time, I’d wanted a vintage sofa. Something french provincial or Victorian. We found a lovely antique sofa at the thrift store for $130. It was a dream come true. Then, we realized it wasn’t very comfortable. Straight up back is not something you want to rest on. It was also a blue brocade. Beautiful but not practical for our messy lives. Unlike most people who love a good deal or a roadside find, I wanted something brand new! Something that made me feel like a grown woman who owns a nice sofa.

So, I started the hunt. I wanted something elegant, eclectic and vintage looking. Whatever the heck that is!

Then, I purchased this design book (which I recommend you get. It is AMAZING). I suppose that’s when this sofa lust really jumpstarted. Inside, Needleman lists various types of sofas and the chesterfield was one.


All of these sofas are dreamy, but the chesterfield caught my eye (illustrations by Virginia Johnson).

I was perusing the net and found a nice marriage of the English and the Chesterfield through Robin Bruce. It took 2 months before the local retailer in town could get one into the showroom.


It is very comfortable with down cushions and the back tufting. We figured this was as good as it gets and chose our fabric.


I really wanted a burgundy or red or some fun punchy color but it was not an available choice. So we settled for the lighter blue and yellow/green pillows and made plans to start saving thousands of dollars.

BUT THEN, I got a catalog from Bassett Furniture with a chesterfield on the front. I went to see it in store and it was fabulous. My only disappointment is the firm seat but WHATEVER.


Chose fabric and placed the order all in the same day. What a whirlwind. T minus 28 days and the sofa will be here!!!

I feel like this is the first step into transforming my space into a home I can be proud of. An adult space that suits my style!


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