Fiddle fig, Fiddle fig let me in!

You know that self-fulfilling prophecy blah blah? Buy a red car, see a red car everywhere thing? If you look, you will find? Well, one day online I discovered fiddle fig trees.

And they are amazing. Now I see them everywhere. They pop up on so many interior design websites and are all over pinterest.


(image source: 1, 2, 3) and here are even more lovely fiddle fig photos.

I decided to give one a try and ordered one off Amazon for dirt cheap. Cheaper than buying a full-growing one. Well, I think I’ve pretty much killed it. The apartment really doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight which these guys need. I’m good on the no watering thing. Thankfully they don’t require a whole lot of attention. But woe is me, my baby fig is dead.


The top of my record player looks like plant cemetary. You can see it arrived with many green leaves (on left) but soon after all but one turned brown and I plucked them off. Now only one green leaf is left. I do not know what to do.

A few days ago, we were in Home Depot and I spotted fiddle figs for only $27. Like, are you kidding? Usually these are $100s at this size! I reallllly want to get one but then again I worry about the sunlight issue.


But wouldn’t it look so great with the sofa (entry below)? Only 2ish months left at my current place. I think I can hold out!!


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